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Tensoren Agri-Insurance System

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Long Yuanyong served as consultant for World Bank hydropower research project 2020-11-03
Recently, the World Bank released a research report on the management of financial risks in the Albanian hydropower sector ("Managing financial risks in the Albanian hydropower sector"), see the attachment. Long Yuanyong, executive director of T
Talking about predictive actuarial calculation from the risk of flight delay 2020-10-20
The incident in which Nanjing Li received millions in compensation for the purchase of flight delay insurance reflects the loopholes in the actuarial calculation of insurance. Predictive actuarial calculations are imperative and mean business opportunitie
Tensoren Technology Cloud Actuarial Instructions 2020-10-25
Tensoren Cloud Actuarial System is based on meteorological and disaster big data, and uses cutting-edge predictive risk assessment methods and intelligent technology to provide risk analysis, insurance product design and pricing.
The latest opinions of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on accelerating the development of agricultural insurance 2020-10-21
Agricultural insurance is an important part of rural finance. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission attaches great importance to the promotion of agricultural insurance and agricultural-related credit cooperation, and gives full play to th
Summary of 2020-2027 Global Crop Insurance Market Outlook 2020-10-29
In 2019, the global crop insurance market was worth 34.05 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 53.02 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027.
China Banking Regulatory Commission: Establish an off-site monitoring mechanism to strengthen actuarial supervision of life insurance 2020-10-23
Actuarial supervision of life insurance in my country started with the "Insurance Law" of 1995 and gradually expanded to include actuarial regulations, chief actuary system, actuarial reports, and embedded value reports.
Weather data + machine learning to improve hydropower efficiency 2020-11-03
Our client is a medium-sized hydropower station in the south, and its power generation mainly depends on the inflow of water from a certain local river basin. After analysis, the monthly rainfall of the hydropower station is basically consistent with the
The fall cold index solves the main concerns of fruit farmers 2020-11-03
Pears, apples, and peaches are characteristic agriculture of a certain northern city, with a large scale, and the planting area of a town reaches tens of thousands of mu. However, the cold spring of 2018 caused most of the fruit growers to lose more than
Cloud actuarial design complex typhoon index scheme 2020-11-03
A certain southern province is often plagued by typhoons, and there are many types of local cultivation, and the insurance needs of each grower are different. It is difficult to apply a unified insurance product to all types. In the past, some insurance c

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